Friendly and Affordable Node-Red Help, Consulting and Development



Over the last few years I have helped many people with their node-red  flow and function development and trouble shooting.

Many of the small tasks I have done,and continue to do, free of charge.

However due to time constraints I need to charge for tasks that require more than 15 minutes of my time.

I do offer a paid consulting, flow and function development service.

If you:

  • Need Help with a Real World MQTT/ Node-Red project or Flow?
  • Require consultancy?
  • Require a Node-Red function developed
  • Want 1to1 tutoring
  • etc

I currently charge a basic rate of £50 per hour for online help, consultancy and software development with a minimum charge of £10.

Use the form below to get in touch.


If you have a question regarding something covered in a tutorial or video then can you please use the comments form on the tutorial or video.

I don’t publish guest posts.

Due to time constraints, and because the project is part of your qualification I will only provide limited assistance with problems you are having with university or college projects.


NoteIf you are having problems with the email form can you please use the comments box . The comments will not be published.

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